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Precision Scanning & Design, LLC.

A simple reply to what we do is that we convert art into a part. We are not referring to the physical fabrication of the part, but the creation of a 3D model that opens all the various avenues of product development. Without this model and its associated files, you are literally left in the manufacturing stone age.​

Speaking of ancient history, it all started long ago with a pencil, a large sheet of paper, and a T-square. This was 1983, and everything was done manually. Fortunately, it has advanced to rather sophisticated software that automates processes that were previously very time-consuming. This evolution has driven improvement of accuracy while trimming time to market in the manufacturing process, and enabling file exchange and design collaboration on complex product design and development.

Now fast forward to 2019, where we find the best way to take an initial design concept, determine the general requirements of that component, and develop the necessary models, files, and processes that allow for efficient production of that design. The advanced CAD software now shortens the design timeline and reduces cost. This process includes many factors, such as the part quantity required, the material used, how it will be fabricated, and the intended purpose of the part. With the 3D model and design complete, it opens up further development options in design modification, testing or analysis, proto-typing, machining processes, rendering, and written documentation. All of these areas are directly influenced by the 3D model.

And that is what we are about- finding the best methods to take a design project from an idea to a physical part, by developing a three-dimensional model, and using that 3D geometry to further refine and expand the options of each required process in the path toward fabrication. 

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