Arts and Entertainment

Rendering, 3D scanning of objects, and visual presentation of concepts are the typical applications. 3D files are often needed for animation.

Product design covers many different sectors of manufacturing including:

• Aerospace
• Automotive
• Consumer products
• Defense/Military

Services typically include reverse engineering, product development, documentation, inspection, and 2D drawings.

Science and Education

Preservation of delicate objects utilizing non-contact laser scanning, and 3D capture of physical objects for analysis or digital archiving.

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Industrial Design and Manufacturing


Typical needs are new product designs, form and fit for new or existing designs, analysis, and sales documentation for new product designs. Throughout the development process product documentation is often required for certification or marketing the new product design.

Technology At Your Fingertips


Product development, 3D design and models for concept, design and CAD drawing documentation, and rendering of final project.


Integrate mechanical/package design with pcb layout files, assembly layout, production drawings, and rendering of 3D design.